Medium: "Freedom-Centred Leader Interview"

How do you think your work process and inner freedom relate to leadership?

One of my guiding principles is, “A true Master is not the one with the most students but one who creates the most Masters.” Enlightened leadership isn’t about guiding others to depend on you — it’s about guiding them to discover their own power, freedom, and leadership to be who they are here to be and do what they are here to do, in service of a common purpose.


Being an effective, freedom-based leader begins within. We must be able to lead ourselves before we can effectively lead anyone else. Therefore, my work is healing leaders from the inside out by freeing them of their inner struggles (“exPowers”) through the Drawing Out Process®, and guiding them to honor their 3 inner powers (“emPowers”). The result for them is a deep sense of peace, wholeness, and freedom, which results in an enhanced ability to lead others with clarity, wisdom, and power...

Best Self Magazine: "The New Self-Empowerment"

“I don’t need to talk to you. I already know everything about you!”  The woman hissed at me – her mouth curled in a sinister smirk, her eyes ablaze with rage.  I gazed at her in bewilderment. “How can you say you know everything about me if you haven’t talked to me?”  I asked sincerely.  The longest we had ever spoken was over coffee 7 years before and only fleetingly in the years since.  However, rather than supply my question with an answer, she turned on her heels and stormed off.  Had we been standing on a dusty road, she would have kicked up clouds of dust. But, alas, no dust and no road; beneath our feet was just industrial carpet.

I stood there for a moment, baffled by what I had just witnessed.  What began as a kind request to speak with her privately had backfired – badly.  She launched into a full-blown, misinformed grandstand of accusations, shaming, and raging – the culmination of which was her declaration of omniscience about my life and me.


Her behavior in that moment was, quite frankly, crazy...

Livability Magazine: "The Rock and the Kite"


"Emily saw a young man running on his hands down the hall and knew she had to meet him.


'He was sitting in the waiting room area watching Ally McBeal,” Emily Eldredge said. “I just plopped down right next to him and said hi, but he didn’t even turn his head to look at me. He just kept his eyes glued to the T.V., and we had this whole conversation with him not looking at me at all...'”

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