"The Boy I Run to, and Away From" by Jonathan Stephen

"Emily took me on this journey where I discovered the pain inside was the little boy I had once ran to, and now away, from. The boy who divorced his vulnerability and innocence, to protect me through my darkest moments, had grown tired. I found him through Emily, and he had found me.


I began to reclaim threads of who I was and who I am going to be.  No longer homesick for a place I constructed, but finding home in myself, a safe haven where I regained the relationship with the little boy, who had been keeping me sheltered for so long.  A place where my heart is enlightened, and my soul is understood..."

"The Week in Idiots'Land" by Robbi Behr

"I finished some illustrations for my dear friend Emily, who works as a sort of art therapist using what is called the 'Drawing Out Process.'  The basic idea is that through drawing the “characters” in our heads who are holding us back, we acknowledge them and can change our behaviors having recognized what they want and expect from us.  Emily has done fantastic work using this process – I’m particularly impressed with the work she has done with different prison populations.  Needless to say, I’m very proud to be included in this process.  So – my job was to draw some of the standard “characters” who often hold us back, and their counterparts, who can help us get past our barriers..."

Learn more about Robbi Behr here!

"The Dark Forces Within Me" by Megan Monique

"Emily called me to introduce herself and her work to me.  I had never spoken to this woman before in my life, and about 5 minutes into the conversation I am bawling.  Hysterically.  Snot running all over the place.  Doing the crying thing that sounds like you have the hiccups – you know what I’m talking about...

During my Drawing Out Process Session with Emily, we got in touch with the sad side of myself that I had been ignoring and trying to repress for fear of what she might say or do.  The answers I got were remarkable..."

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emPowers & exPowers® drawn by Robbi Behr.

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