Emily wrote her first book about The New Self emPowerment®!  She shares revolutionary, never-before-heard truths about our Light and our Truth, and we take a fascinating "Walk in the Dark" to witness the scared (and scary!) exPowers within us.  This book is designed to heal you and humanity.

Here's the catch, though - publishers need hard proof that people want to hear this information!  So... 

Every week until the book is published, you will receive inspiring - and enticing - excerpts from the book.  She'll also update you on her progress with getting it published!  And there will be giveaways...


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emPowers & exPowers® drawn by Robbi Behr.

Most photos provided by Unsplash.

DISCLAIMER: The New Self emPowerment® is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a therapist.  She created this work out of her and her clients' experiences with the Drawing Out Process®.

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