The Drawing Out Process®

What Is The Drawing Out Process®?

The Drawing Out Process® is a very simple yet extremely powerful technique that can heal an individual exPower (block, trigger, or wound) in 2 hours or less Drawing, talking, and loving acceptance help exPowers feel acknowledged and heard.  Then thanking and explaining free them of their old patterns and guide them to adopt new, more loving, and empowering ways - ones that feel loving, supportive, and empowering for you

Many results of The Drawing Out Process® have been nothing short of miraculous.

Decades of struggle can dissolve within minutes.  What years of therapy couldn't resolve can be healed in less than a day.  Massive amounts of energy that were stuck in struggle are now free and fueling you to be who you desire to be and live the life you desire to live.  The feeling is truly amazing.

The illustrations below were created by a wonderful artist named Cécile Carre.

Though she has yet to experience the Drawing Out Process®, she very beautifully and accurately depicts what happens inside those who do.  The demon-like character is what I call an inner Controller, while the crouching girl is what I call an inner Wounded.  

"The sessions were unlike anything I have ever experienced. Emily was purely non-judgmental, knowledgeable and amazing.  Turns out, I do have demons and they were screaming inside me.  I'm happy to say that they have been transformed and set free.  Thanks to Emily and the processes she has developed, I am now able to overcome extreme changes in my life like never before."
Stephanie B.
Business Developer




The best way to experience the Drawing Out Process® is by working privately with Emily.  The full process requires a trained guide, and she's the one to do it.  However, if private coaching is out of your budget or if you'd like to experience the first few steps of The Drawing Out Process®...


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