The Drawing Out Process

What Is the DrOP?

The Drawing Out Process ("The DrOP", for short) is a very simple yet extremely powerful, ground-breaking, 7-step technique that heals individual exPowers in 2 hours or less


How does it work?  Drawing, talking, and loving acceptance help exPowers feel acknowledged and heard.  Then thanking and explaining free them of their old patterns and guide them to adopt new, more loving, and empowering ways - ones that help you feel loved, supported, and empowered. 


Emily created The DrOP out of sheer determination to free herself of exPowers, and the results for her and her clients have been nothing short of miraculous.  Decades of struggle dissolve within minutes.  What years of therapy couldn't resolve are healed in less than a day.  Massive amounts of energy that were stuck in struggle are now free and fueling you to be who you desire to be and live the life you desire to live.

And the feeling is truly amazing.

"The sessions were unlike anything I have ever experienced. Emily was purely non-judgmental, knowledgeable and amazing.  Turns out, I do have demons and they were screaming inside me.  I'm happy to say that they have been transformed and set free.  Thanks to Emily and the processes she has developed, I am now able to overcome extreme changes in my life like never before."
Stephanie B.
Business Developer

Emily's TEDx Talk

Learn more about the Drawing Out Process® - from prison!

Before & After

Drawing Out Process® drawings by clients.




Here's How...

Almost anyone can go through the Drawing Out Process®.  Everyone from children to inmates to corporate executives have been through it.  No artistic ability is necessary - just the desire to be healed of your deepest inner struggles. 

The best way to experience the fullest healing power of the Drawing Out Process® is by working privately with Emily.  The full DrOP requires a trained guide, and she's the one to do it. 


However, if private coaching is out of reach or if you'd like to get a taste of this work before you take that step, Emily's flagship online course, How to Live an emPowered Life, is extremely powerful, too.  It teaches you some of the DrOP's key, transformative steps so that you can feel more deeply calm and at peace.  Plus, it also teaches you how to honor your emPowers and tap into your Truth!


FREE COURSE!  This online course teaches you several key steps of the Drawing Out Process® so that you can feel lighter and freer and less affected by your exPowers.  (It also teaches you how to honor your emPowers, know your Truth, and live it!)


Experience the miraculous healing power of the Drawing Out Process - straight from the source.  Emily will guide you through it, in person, multiple times over, in one of her private, customized programs...


When you honor your emPowers, magic happens.

You feel more balanced, whole, and free.  You are effortlessly clear and productive.  You delight in expansive joy and deep wells of pleasure.  You are fueled with creativity, innovation, and vision.  You know and trust your Truth.

Life. Is. so. much. easier.


Honoring your emPowers is something you can easily do on your own!  Want to know how?  Give me your email, and I'll send you a super-easy instruction sheet and postcard!

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emPowers & exPowers drawn by Robbi Behr.

Most photos provided by Unsplash.

DISCLAIMER: The New Self emPowerment™ is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a therapist. 

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