What Are emPowers?

​Your "emPowers" are 3 magnificent powers within you.  They hold the love you crave, the wisdom you need, and the strength you seek.  They guide you to know and live your Truth.  Everyone has emPowers.  They are universal.  Why do I call them "emPowers"?  Because they empower you to be everything you are here to be!

Your emPowers are everything!  They are the true you

They fuel your productivity, purpose, and pleasure. 

They help you survive, thrive, and have the drive to know your Truth and to live it.

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noun: a supreme ruler, especially a monarch. 
adjective: acting or done independently and without outside interference. 
synonyms: independent, autonomous.

Though all of the emPowers are parts of your power, your Sovereign is your core power.  It is the voice of your Truth.  It knows what is right and wrong for you - independently of anyone else.  It takes a stand for you and gives you the courage to do things in the face of resistance and fear.  It brings balance to the Free-Spirit and the Impresario - providing you with inspiration and guidance that supersede thinking and feeling alone.  

Your Sovereign loves anything that brings you peace and connects you with you, such as being in nature, meditating, martial arts, yoga, journaling, and self-reflection.

Your Sovereign gives you purpose and drive.


Adventurous, fun-loving, free, happy, sweet, and bursting with love, your Free-Spirit is the part of you that enjoys, explores, and delights in life and all of its pleasures!  It has no concept of restriction, so it keeps you open, innovative, playful, and feeling free. 

noun:  One who is not restrained, as by convention or obligation.
synonym: A creative.

Your Free-Spirit inspires your creative, artistic, and performance pursuits and helps you think outside the box.

Your Free-Spirit essentially loves anything that's fun and feels gooooood, such as playing games, singing songs, warm hugs, receiving gifts, being silly, laughter, and romance.

Your Free-Spirit helps you thrive and feel alive!



Every film or orchestra needs performers, writers, designers, and other creatives (Free-Spirits).  It also needs someone who is overseeing all of the practical pieces and logistics so that everything flows smoothly and the players receive the support and structure they need in order for the show to go on.  This is the role of your inner Impresario.


Your Impresario is the part of you that is very logical, practical, strategic, productive, and conscientious of your needs and of others'. 

noun: A person who organizes and finances concerts, plays, or operas.
synonym: Producer.

Your Impresario oversees the practicalities of your life, and it loves anything that's left-brained in nature, such as planning, fixing things, organizing, figuring things out, schedules, lists, and money.

Your Impresario helps you survive.







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