What Are exPowers?

Commonly known as inner blocks, triggers, blindspots, saboteurs, or parts of the Ego, the Shadow, the Pain Body, and many other names, your "exPowers" are parts of your emPowers that, in response to various life experiences, are in a chronic state of stress, pain, and fear.  I call them "exPowers" because "ex-" means both "former" and "against": exPowers are former parts of your emPowers that feel like they work against you and your desires.  exPowers get in the way of you feeling fully at peace, whole, and empowered within.  They get in the way of you living your Truth.  

Know that you are not alone.  Everyone has exPowers - often without even realizing it!  They are like hidden computer viruses or outdated programs in the networks of our hearts and minds.  Left unacknowledged and unhealed, they can make life a living hell - corroding relationships, sabotaging success, and perpetuating untold stress and pain.  However, the more we struggle with them, the more they hinder and hurt us.​

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A Defender’s primary behavior is to defend and protect.  Defenders typically come across as defensive, righteous, rageful, protective, arrogant, and sometimes violent.

Defenders can show up in various forms, including a bulky, intimidating muscle man, a fortress or wall keeping others out, or even a righteous, protective grandmother.

A classic example of a Defender is an inner Wall around you that's keeping others out. 


Controllers' primary behavior is to control you or another part of you.  They typically do so being critical, doubting, judgmental, pressuring, fear-mongering, restrictive, and oppressive.

On rare occasion, an inner Controller might try to control you or a part of you through excessive positivity - pushing you to be "Happy happy happy!" all the time.  However, most Controllers control with negativity.

Controllers often appear as a mean mommy or daddy, an overbearing figure such as a boss, or as a vicious, ruthless monster inside you.

A classic Controller would be an inner critic.



Woundeds' primary behavior is to feel victimized and disempowered.  They typically come across as sad, scared, rejected, neglected, crying, avoidant, helpless, and hopeless.

Some Woundeds express anger such as a temper tantrum, but usually they're just trying to get your attention so that you’ll notice how sad, scared, and alone they feel.

A Wounded may appear within you as a child having a temper tantrum, a wounded animal, or a neglected ragamuffin curled up in the corner of a dark room.

A classic Wounded is a sad inner child.



The TRUTH About exPowers

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