Emily's purpose is simple:

To heal humanity from the inside out.

She is not alone in this purpose.  Many people on Earth share it with her and are fulfilling it in their own ways.  (You may be one of them.)


The way Emily uniquely fulfills it is through The New Self emPowerment®: teaching people about their 3 emPowers and 3 exPower types, guiding them through the Drawing Out Process® to heal their exPowers, and awakening them to their Truths.  Also, her flagship online course, The New Self emPowerment, is FREE so that people around the world can learn these principles and truths and light up the world with their gifts and presence.


Her guiding principle is:


"A true Master is not the one with the most students but the one who creates the most Masters." 


Emily is driven to help others achieve their own self-Mastery, just as she is driven to achieve her own.

 Most of the issues we face in our world today aren't ultimately about the "environment" or "politics".  They're about humanity.  They're rooted in the severe imbalances and misperceptions we as humans carry within us.  Consider this, if we were all perfectly at peace with ourselves, would there be any conflict between us? 


Our world is sick because humanity is sick.  And it has been for a long time.  The root of this sickness is simple: lack of inner peace.  So how do we achieve peace?  How do we heal our planet?  First and foremost by healing ourselves: by honoring our emPowers and healing our exPowersWe cannot heal others.  We can only heal ourselves.  It all starts within. 


As you become more loving and at peace with yourself, you become more loving and peaceful towards others.  As you connect and honor yourself, you are better able to connect with and honor others.  As you live your Truth, you shine brighter and more joyfully than ever before - and you inspire others to do the same!  Thus...


as you heal, you heal the world.

As you light up, you light up the world.

The New Self emPowerment® is simple by design.  Children quickly and easily grasp these concepts and instantly being applying them to their lives.  Business people call upon their emPowers to guide them in everything from creating new services to leading through difficult situations.  The concepts of emPowers & exPowers® are also easily integrated with existing therapeutic modalities.  Thus, the applications are virtually endless, and the healing potential is enormous.

The New Self emPowerment® has the power to heal humanity.


Emily's vision is for everyone on Earth to know about their inner emPowers & exPowers® as a quick and easy shorthand for understanding themselves and communicating how they feel.  Her vision is for people all over the world to learn steps of the Drawing Out Process® so that, even if they are unable to work with a trained guide, they can achieve deeper levels of clarity and peace simply by drawing out their exPowers.  Her vision is for everyone everywhere to feel deeply connected to our human family and to live their Truths peacefully and collaboratively. 

She hopes you will join her in achieving this vision.



So far, Emily has had the honor of sharing her message with audiences around the world, including the United Nations and British Parliament.  You can read her speeches below.




"The Only War We Need to Win"


We will never end the wars around us until we end the wars within us.  The only reason we are at war within is because we don’t understand the "enemy" we are fighting. We don’t understand ourselves...



An unconventional speech to give in a government building, to say the least, but Emily was nevertheless inspired to share this visualization and message with the assembled group...