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Emily Eldredge is the creator of the Drawing Out Process®, the discoverer of emPowers & exPowers®, and author of the upcoming book DARK✵LIGHT✵TRUTH.  Through her revolutionary work, she frees people of their defenses and wounds and taps them into their true powers so they can live their Truth and positively impact our world.  Her mission is to heal humanity from the inside out, and she specializes in working with leaders and inmates.  

Through her work, Emily has discovered the 3 universal types of inner struggles, which she calls "exPowers".  Healing those exPowers unlocks the 3 inner "emPowers", which hold all of the wisdom, love, and strength needed to live a truly powerful life - that is, to live one's Truth. 

Her work has been hailed as "genius", "exhilarating", "brilliant", "a miracle worker", "a truly life-changing experience", and "up there with sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world".  


Emily has spoken about her work at venues around the world, including the United Nations, British Parliament, and 2 TEDx events - one of which was the very first TEDx in a prison. 


As a 9-11 first-responder, Emily helped found World Cares Center and has served on a number of boards.  She is a graduate of Williams College in Williamstown, MA and The Hockaday School in Dallas, TX.  She lives in New York City with trips to Tucson, AZ to be with her amazing husband, Paco Torres

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Raised in Dallas by her amazing parents, Linc and Susan, Emily Eldredge went to The Lamplighter School, then The Hockaday School for Girls, and finally Williams College in Williamstown, MA where she majored in Theatre.  After graduating, she headed off to Los Angeles, where she acted and sang.  She later volunteered at Shriner's Hospital for Children, where she met Paco, the man who would become her husband years later.  She then moved to New York City where she also acted and sang. 


When disaster struck on September 11, 2001, Emily was one of thousands of spontaneous volunteers who ran down to Ground Zero to help.  She lived there for 2 weeks, running supplies and providing emotional support for the men and women coming off of the pile.  Months later, she and other first-responders founded World Cares Center and opened the community center September Space to address the needs of their fellow first-responders.  A 9/11-related illness eventually forced her to move home to Dallas where she got on her feet again, worked various jobs, and acted and sang.  After her life fell completely apart again in 2009 (more on that below), she and her old friend Paco reconnected and discovered a love that has grown even deeper and stronger over time.  They married in 2014.


In the years since, Emily suffered from various 9/11-related ailments, which, though they caused her a great deal of emotional, mental, and physical pain, nevertheless proved to be blessings in disguise - deepening her self-awareness, self-healing, and self-care, and empowering her to do the work she does today.


The New Self emPowerment's inception began in 2009 when Emily's life fell apart.  A major relationship ended, their business was defunct, she lost her home, and she fell into an excruciating dark night of the soul.  It was as though the "scaffolding" of her identity had collapsed inside her, and the only thing left was darkness.  However, within a year after that excruciating collapse, she developed The Drawing Out Process® and eventually discovered emPowers & exPowers®.  The videos below tell more of the story...

Today, as Founder of The New Self-emPowerment®, Creator of the Drawing Out Process®, and Discoverer of emPowers & exPowers®, Emily is an innovator, speaker, and Leader Healer who frees people of their blocks, triggers, and blindspots so they can embrace their 3 core powers and fully live their Truth.  Her work has been hailed as "genius", "exhilarating", "brilliant", "a miracle worker", "a truly life-changing experience", and "up there with sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world".

Emily has spoken at venues around the world, including Asia, South America, North America, the United Nations, British Parliament, and two different TED events - one of which was the very first TEDx in a prison.   She has helped found several non-profits and currently serves on several boards.  She lives in New York City and Tucson, AZ, where her husband Paco Torres currently works and resides. 


"The Rock and the Kite" - that's how Emily's husband Paco describes their relationship.  Read this Livability article about how they met and what their relationship is like!


Did you know Emily's husband plays Wheelchair Rugby and was once on Team USA?  Check out his website:!