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This FREE ONLINE COURSE takes you deeper into emPowers, exPowers, and how to fully live your Truth!  It is Emily's gift to you so that you may truly step into your power and light up the world with your beautiful presence...

Maximize Your Productivity, Purpose, & Pleasure in Business

What if you could feel amazing every day in your business?  What if you could redesign it so that it fuels you - so that you experience greater productivity, purpose, and pleasure in all aspects of your work?  Applying the principles of The New Self emPowerment®, Emily teaches you how to avoid burnout and leverage the incredible wisdom and power of your 3 emPowers in your work and business...


Private Coaching

Imagine finding someone who can clean out your "inner closet" and get you firmly on path of living your Truth as a human and as a leader.  Imagine that person is deeply empathetic, extremely determined, and can get you lasting, exceptional results in way less time than traditional approaches.  This is what it's like to work with Emily...

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emPowers & exPowers® drawn by Robbi Behr.

Most photos provided by Unsplash.

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DISCLAIMER: The New Self emPowerment® is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a therapist.  She created this work out of her and her clients' experiences with the Drawing Out Process®.