I never thought I would need to conquer my inner demons.  After all, it's everyone else who needs that work, not me.  
The sessions were unlike anything I have ever experienced. Emily was purely non-judgmental, knowledgeable and amazing.  Turns out, I do have demons and they were screaming inside me.  I'm happy to say that they have been transformed and set free.  Thanks to Emily and the processes she has developed, I am now able to overcome extreme changes in my life like never before.

Stephanie B.

Business Development

I don't believe it.  I was very skeptical going into this.  I thought this would be some 30-step process that ultimately wouldn't work.  But it did.  I feel euphoric.  You're a miracle worker!


Workshop Participant

As a therapist and someone who values rigorous and scientific methodologies, I was initially skeptical when I heard of Emily's work being described as 'going through a rebirth'. After experiencing it myself, that is the only word that truly describes how it feels!


Emily takes inspiration from therapeutic techniques and blends them with imagination and intuition in a way that takes you directly to the heart of the issue and guides you through healing it yourself. It is a profoundly insightful experience that inspires reflection and can be cathartic. I felt immense clarity after the Drawing Out Process and still feel grounded because of it and the conceptual framework for reflection that her emPowers & exPowers provide. I highly recommend for you to open up and just do it.

Jihad Bnimoussa, M.S., CYCP

Psychology and Youth Care Practitioner, Founder and CEO of InspireCorp

Once we got to the root cause and was able to release all of that energy, words cannot express the feeling at that moment. All I can say is that I felt a sense of calmness unlike anything I had felt before.  I was no longer on the verge of exploding.  I was able to be present with my surroundings, to be still - something I had deemed impossible.  I was finally able to make sense of the defense mechanisms I had created, to turn off the autopilot, and to take control.
I am one step closer in becoming the person I want to be.  I can now refocus all of that energy and apply it towards a more productive future.  I credit your program for helping me overcome a seemly insurmountable obstacle.  Thank you. You are truly transforming people lives.

Rick T.


I know a good thing when I see it.  Emily, you are truly on to something here.  Walking away from a session with you, saying, 'Wow, I just learned something about myself.  In fact I feel like I can accept myself on a whole new level.'  That's powerful.  This process is gentle, kind, and empowering.  In my mind, it is exactly what 'therapy' should be.

Margaret R.

Commercial Architect

Emily, thank you so much for the work that you're doing. I just came across your TED Talk and I have to say it resonated so deeply that I was weeping with joy, grief, and everything in between. I watched it FIVE times in a row. I've NEVER done that with any other video. Period. It was so powerful that I've decided to take your online course.


I was able to identify a huge blind spot that was running my life, then say goodbye to the behavior and be free to create a new life of creativity.  I now feel a subtle calm, peace, and presence - like something is complete, over, and all is well.



Knowing my Truth, owning it, and then declaring it has changed the person I am.  I turned into the person I've always wanted to be!!  Thank you so much, Emily, for being the greatest of mentors!!  I LOVE YOU!

Fati-Zahra Ma-el-ainin


If there ever was a process that embodied the phrase, 'break free', this is it.


Project Manager

Emily Eldredge has been such a blessing to my life.  She took the time and effort to unearth small triggers from my past that I didn't even realize contributed to my inner struggles in life. Saying that I strongly recommend her services is a huge understatement.  Emily is one of those special people in life you meet who instantly 'wows' you.

Justin N.

Insurance Executive

I was expecting to meet with another paid white woman who would present me with her ideals of what my issues are and what I need to do to 'change my life around.'  I was surprised to read sincerity in Emily's heart.  She gave off a vibe of truly wanting to assist those of us whom society has deemed undesirable.  It was not only what she said - it was her willingness to be 'down to earth' with us.  She never impressed upon me that 'I' had issues but that 'we' (including her) had issues...  
The Drawing Out Process is the chance of a lifetime to confront underlying characteristics about yourself: a necessity.  I got an opportunity to confront my inner child.  I'm 43 years old; this was a long-awaited confrontation.  I understand ME more than I did before this experience.



I have known Emily since 2003.  In my experience of knowing her personally and working with her through her wonderful process, I was able to address long term psychological issues I have battled with.  She took me inside myself and allowed me to release what were subconsciously directing and affecting my life experiences.  


Emily has the map and the wisdom to guide others to the light.  Her Drawing Out Process® has allowed me to become more integrated and comfortable in my own skin and soul.

Derek M.

Writer, Musician, Artist, Teacher

I felt a different type of energy in the room.  As I watched guys do the DrOP, I could see the transformations of consciousness in the other inmates.



The DrOP allowed me to share a hidden part of me.  I'm really so much more relaxed.  I am at true peace.  



I feel so fresh!  Emily helped me put my abstract thoughts into concrete words that helped me clarify what is it that was holding me back. With her guidance, I resolved an inner struggle that I was unaware of - or was refusing to admit I had - and started, for the first time in my life, to feel as "One".   Also, the "emPowers & exPowers" framework enabled me to understand the root cause of my inner struggle and to fully appreciate who I am. The Drawing Out Process also enabled to draw a crystal clear vision for myself.


I am now recommending every single person I talk to to go through this process.  Trust me, it is life-transforming.

Fz. M.

Psychology Practitioner, Partner, and COO at InspireCorp.

This has truly been a life-changing experience.



In all honesty, I have done a lot of work on myself and have experienced several modalities in an effort to put 'stuck' fears and emotions truly behind me, each of which has been helpful.  But what you did with me today was huge!  And bottom-line!  This work is brilliant.  You are a Master.

Andi F.

Radio Host

Emily’s Drawing Out Process® is one of the most powerfully effective tools I have ever used to heal what’s going on in the subconscious that gets in the way of what you consciously want to create in your life.

Kare C.

Spiritual Life Coach

I still can't believe such a child-like process had such a profound effect on my life.  I recognized my anger for who it was and was able to forgive myself wholeheartedly.  I feel so much lighter.



It was amazing, really amazing - a really, really amazing transformation of me.  I don't know how to express the amount of gratitude I feel.  I always thought of myself as a positive person but now I truly feel it.  Last night, I apologized to my family, thanked them for their patience with me, and then shared my experience with them.  In less than 48 hours, I have seen the difference. I find that old irritations just go by. 


This is so exhilarating. This is truly amazing.  This really worked, and I am so grateful and thankful.  I just want to thank you for your kindness, compassion, and expertise in getting me to be the better person I want to be.

Frank S.

Program Director

Before this program, Emily was the type of person that I most hated.  I call them 'Shiny Happy People', and I hated their infectious happiness.  Emily is now one of my favorite people, and I'm proud to announce that I am now a full-fledged member of the 'Shiny Happy People'!  It was a great joy to be part of the DrOP, and I hope to benefit from her program in the future.



Emily and her work are AMAZING. The truth is, we all have these voices in our heads - all of us.  Until we recognize what they are, we will think they are us, and we will let them run our lives.  Emily Eldredge helped me identify mine and heal them.

Hope T.

Life Coach

Thank you, Emily, for making me feel loved and that I can be loved.  I am somebody.  I don't have to let the past say I am not.



Thank you for helping me get through and release some of the anger inside of me.  It greatly helped.  I have definitely felt a lot better since and definitely do not feel as sad anymore. I appreciate your wise words and your understanding of the s#!t I've had to put up with.  Without your ingenious method, I would still have that anger and sadness inside and no way to let it out. The Drawing Out Process is awesome, and I hope you can continue helping people. You truly have a gift!

Nick E.

Store Manager

The DrOP enabled me to draw, talk to, and thank an aspect of my personality that has created many problems, victims, and years in prison.  I am much more rational.  The emotional connection and experience was immediate and intense.  It was very powerful and moving for me.  I knew it was important to honor the tears and not wipe them away.



Life does feel lighter since our session. The one who was holding the pain from my childhood seems to not be around so much now.  At times there is a phantom-limb like feeling with her absence - as though something is missing.  Apparently, it was fine for her to leave, though. There's a feeling of lightness in the house now. Yum!

Illona R.


Emily allowed me up to open up a part of me that I have been afraid of for years.  She walked me down a dark road and never left my side.  I feel honored to have met a person with such love and compassion in her heart.  She is an amazing person that I hope gets the chance to help anyone willing to heal themselves... 

There aren't enough words to express the gratitude I have for you, Emily.  You walked into a place that was dark and empty and brought light with you and gave us a torch so we can at least see a little bit of light.



Emily is a gifted, present, and enthusiastic space-holder with a fantastic system that is able to circumvent challenges that would take months, if not years, for most conventional approaches. And what really makes the difference is that she has been there and had to find something that works. This is so different than going to someone who, if you're lucky, is gifted only at regurgitating another's materials. No, Emily cares and has developed and continues to expand on her unique, effective and experientially gained body of knowledge and process. She draws out what is really at the heart of the matter and does so with the greatest care, compassion, and direction.

Thomas V.

Graphic Designer

Emily and the Drawing Out Process helped me get in touch with things that I have not allowed myself to process for a very long time and, most importantly, helped me deal with them right then and there, not with months of talk therapy...  I believe the Drawing Out Process is one of those rare ideas that, when you hear about it, you have an 'aha' moment.  It is up there with pet rocks and sliced bread - really good ideas that spread all over the world.



Emily is a gem.  A gifted guide, she shines the light in such a way that the dark spaces don't feel so scary.  She is masterful in leading the way through the Process, approaching it from a place of curiosity, acceptance, and love.  She's one of the most real, down-to-earth people I've had the pleasure of working with recently.  By coming to a place of compassion and acceptance of those parts of me that were struggling to be heard (that, frankly, I was ignoring!), I was able to shift to a place of feeling more grounded, and more together.  I encourage anyone who hasn't had the opportunity to experience Emily the Muse or the Drawing Out Process® to do yourself a favor and get yourself some crayons.  Those little voices will thank you!

Naomi P.

Personal Trainer, Yoga Instructor, Certified Coach

Your powerful process has opened up new energy for me.  This process is so amazing and simple at the same time.  I find myself with more peace and a larger sense of my creative power.  It is much easier to just let others be who they are and focus on being who I am.  I am full of gratitude.

Rae M.

Makeup Artist

In prison, all we do is programs - not many of them have the impact that this one has had on me.  Thank you so very much, Emily!  You are the s@#!  



I am in a happier place today than I've been in a long time.  I feel very whole and alive.  Your Drawing Out Process® is tremendous and can help so many people.  I would recommend it to anyone.

Marissa B.

Real Estate Agent

I feel so relieved and at peace with myself.  I feel at one with myself.  I understand myself, my behaviors, my actions.  If not for Emily, I'd still be trying to figure out why I did some of the things I have done.  She has truly been a blessing, and I am very thankful for her.  Thank you!



The Drawing Out Process® is fabulous!  After just one time of drawing out a monster,  I felt so much clearer about what had been confusing me and holding me back.  Instead of being scared of what came out of the process, I felt a compassion for it.  I had created that Monster for a reason.  I felt a compassion for myself and my shortcomings, instead of beating myself up.  For me, that's a big step.  I felt an overall sense of calm and more confidence.  Thanks, Emily, for bringing this to the world!

Vicky L.

Holistic Health Coach

I cannot say enough good things about you and your work, Emily.  I had some serious clarity after only one session with you.  It was pretty amazing - as are you!

Shannon P.

Casting Director

I had a session with Emily, and it was amazing!  We talked about my fear and how this little demon inside of me was keeping me crippled.  In the matter of an hour, I released it, and now I am being productive in my life!  Please take advantage of this process for yourselves as well as your clients.

Donna D.

Certified Health Coach

The shift was so quick. In less than two hours, Emily helped me reassign what had been a critical and limiting group of inner voices into a support group. I felt an amazing lift and difference right away, and the changes continue to show up. I have even laughed out loud a couple of times when I realized 'a short while ago that would have really pushed my buttons'. What a gift it is to be able to recognize and step out from under limiting beliefs. Like taking your foot off the brake when you want to go. This is good stuff!  Thanks, Emily.  Bless you.


Makeup Artist

I just went through The Drawing Out Process® with Emily Eldredge, and had a major shift.  She expertly guided me to the core issue that was holding me back, and then took me through the process to release that energy and transform it into an energy that supported me.  Besides feeling much more peaceful at the end of the process, further evidence was provided to us both in that I can now say the word 'effortlessly,' which before I was unable to say without stumbling over the word.  I now live my life effortlessly.  Thanks, Emily. You, and the Drawing Out Process®, are amazing!

Sara B.

Spiritual Coach & Healer

Emily has developed a simple, direct, and highly effective approach to releasing and erasing those inner voices or "characters" that rob us of joy, peace, self-trust and balance.  Using crayon, paper, and simplistic (or complex) drawings that emanate from our deepest heart and soul-self, you will discover aspects of your ego that have burdened your healthy progress in life.  The best part of the experience is no artistic talent is required.  Your images are not "judged" nor is your process.  Through asking questions, Emily helps you "Draw Out" and discover your own solutions to issues that may have challenged you for life!  She is gentle, empathetic, and an expert listener.  As a healer myself, I know I cannot take my students anywhere I have not been myself.  Emily has 'been there'.  This experience is a true gift for your soul and should not be missed.

Leav B.

Jewelry Artist

They say that a picture says a thousand words, and the pictures I drew during the process really did have so much to say. I never would have guessed that by simply drawing my emotions I could have the ability to heal them - and myself. With Emily's help, I was able to heal a wounded part of myself that has been there since childhood. She was understanding and supportive throughout the entire process and really got to the heart of the matter. I can feel the passion she has for her work, and it is evident after going through the Process. I feel a sense of relief that something has started to shift and change inside of me, and her guidance has allowed me to create this shift. I really appreciate all of her help, and I have already signed up for another session!


Senior Business Analyst

I was going through a tough time where I felt helpless, lost, and I didn't know what to do.  I turned to the Drawing Out Process, and it worked miracles!  :)  I feel so much better about myself, happier, and have a more positive lookout on life. If you're having a rough time in your life, I hope you all try it!  Oh, and Emily is so sweet and easy to talk to.

A. E.

Hello, my dear friend.  I just had to thank you again for your commitment to helping me heal.  What you do is miraculous.  I'm grateful for the work you do and for your presence in my life.

T. T.

Life Coach

It was an honor meeting Emily Eldredge in Morocco.  She shared her work at one of her sessions, and that drew me to speak to her about my challenges.  Over dinner with her, I cried.  It was an emotional moment because I was wondering if the Universe was against me.  But that conversation was transformative because everything that seemed challenging then is taking shape now!

Chaste Inegbedion

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