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Your "emPowers" are 3 magnificent powers within you.  They hold the love you crave, the wisdom you need, and the strength you seek.  They guide you to know and live your TruthEveryone has emPowers.  They are universal.  Why do I call them "emPowers"?  Because they empower you to be everything you are here to be! 


Your inner Free-Spirit is the part of you that is joyful, innocent, and free!  It fuels your creativity - filling you with ideas.  It doesn't care about practicalities - it just wants to have fun!

Your Free-Spirit helps you thrive and feel alive!

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At the same time, as a result of your life experiences, some parts of your emPowers are in a chronic state of stress, pain, and fear.  I call these parts "exPowers": "ex-" means both "former" and "against".  exPowers are former parts of your emPowers that feel like they work against you and your desires.  Commonly known as inner blocks, triggers, blindspots, saboteurs, the Ego, the Shadow, the Pain Body, and many other names, exPowers get in the way of you from feeling fully at peace, whole, and empowered within. 



Inner Controllers tend to be very critical, nit-picky, and never satisfied.  They can also be very oppressive and/or very pushy

An inner critic is a common Controller.

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We all struggle with exPowers - often without even realizing it!  They are like hidden computer viruses or outdated programs in the networks of our hearts and minds. 


Left unacknowledged and unhealed, they can make life a living hell - corroding relationships, sabotaging success, and perpetuating untold stress and pain.  However, the more we struggle with them, the more they hinder and hurt us.​







The Drawing Out Process® is a 7-step technique that permanently heals individual exPowers in 2 hours or less.  Created out of my determination (and impatience!) to free myself of inner struggles, the DrOP quickly and easily addresses exPowers from an accurate understanding of their truths and their reasons for existing, then guides them to permanently let go of their old ways.  The result is they either "POOF!" disappear, or they assume a new, more loving, and empowering role in your life! 


And the best part is...

you. feel. amazing.


Learn more about The DrOP in my TED talk...

Just so you know, the New Self emPowerment™ is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a therapist.  (Actually, in most cases, the Drawing Out Process® has shown to be far faster and more effective than traditional coaching and therapy!)



When you honor your emPowers, magic happens.

You feel more balanced, whole, and free.  You are effortlessly clear and productive.  You delight in expansive joy and deep wells of pleasure.  You are fueled with creativity, innovation, and vision.  You know and trust your Truth.

Life. Is. so. much. easier.


Honoring your emPowers is something you can easily do on your own!  Want to know how?  Give me your email, and I'll send you a super-easy instruction sheet and postcard!  Plus, you'll also start receiving inspiring "Daily Breath" emails.

Imagine feeling more clear, whole, at peace, and powerful than you ever imagined. 

Imagine living a life of effortless productivity, purpose, and pleasure. 

Imagine receiving all of the wisdom, love, and guidance you need - from within!

This is how it feels to live an "emPowered Life" - to live your Truth.

Below are various ways to help you get there - virtually and privately, in life and in work.


Heal and enhance your life and work through these virtual, at-your-own-pace, in-your-own-time, online courses - including the FREE COURSE "The New Self emPowerment"!


Experience the magic of your emPowers and the extraordinary impact of the Drawing Out Process® straight from the source.  Work directly with Emily in one of her 2 private, customized programs: Design Your Life or The CEO Solution...

What People Are Saying...

"This process is utterly extraordinary.  I've spent so much time and money on therapies, workshops, and books, and I'm amazed by how profoundly this one works.  Emily, you have created something remarkable.  You've struck gold."

~ Jane, United Kingdom

This course made me laugh, smile, cry and above all feel safe
to explore my inner emPowers. Emily's simple way of delivering a powerful message is a breath of fresh air. I am no longer intimidated to be myself, and that in itself is priceless.

~ Emily F, Stylist

Emily's work is so powerful. I have been through so many different methods of therapy trying to achieve emotional healing. Emily's drawing out technique did for me in one day what decades of talk therapy was not able to do: help me learn to deal with my inner critic. I am so excited for the next course!

~ Diane, USA

You will not regret a moment of this incredible program.
It has absolutely exceeded my expectations! Negative feelings I've been struggling with for years have either melted away completely or have been brought down to a simmer. A relationship I'd been struggling with has almost instantly shifted to more of what I'd hoped it would be. I had been looking to others to love me/validate me/raise me up, but I now believe I'm allowed my space in the world, I'm worthy, and I'm lovable. And it all starts within me. I give my heartfelt gratitude to Emily and her program. It's been truly magical and nothing short of life changing.

~ Corinne, USA

It's been really incredible.  I feel really balanced, and my life is so much more rich and varied!  I no longer feel like I need other people to fill voids because all parts of me are acknowledged from within!  You're a genius, Emily.

Do you know how genius this system is?!

~ Ivri Turner, Business Architect 

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emPowers & exPowers® drawn by Robbi Behr.

Most photos provided by Unsplash.

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DISCLAIMER: The New Self emPowerment® is not therapy, and Emily Eldredge is not a therapist.  She created this work out of her and her clients' experiences with the Drawing Out Process®.